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Telecarrier, the third largest player, is expanding its offering with a new data center 

August 29, 2011

On August 25 opened a new Telecarrier International Data Center (IDC). IDC Telecarrier already had one in Clayton, Ciudad del Saber. This new IDC is located on Avenida October 12 in Panama City a few minutes from the banking area. According to senior executives of Telecarrier, the growing demand of companies has promoted the creation of this new IDC.  

Telecarrier is a company that serves to the business segment of Cable Onda. Telecarrier and Cable Onda merged in December 2009. Cable Onda also acquired Advanced Communications last year. Cable Onda is a company that began operations by offering the cable television, Internet and then in 2003, with the opening of telecommunications, entered the fixed telephony segment, primarily residential. Currently, Cable Onda offers all these services and their main customers are residential and MSMEs. Moreover, customers Telecarrier were before the merger rather corporate. Telecarrier offers these corporate customers are large enterprises, integrated communications solutions. Before the merger, the market share of Telecarrier in fixed telephony was approximately 6%, while the Cable Onda around 11%. Telecarrier was the third largest fixed line operator. Currently both companies (Cable Onda and Telecarrier) control about a fifth of the fixed telephony market, its shares for more than that obtained with Advanced Communications. The market share of Cable & Wireless fixed telephony is about 79%. Since the opening of telecommunications in 2003, Cable & Wireless has just lost a fifth of its market share. Movistar, Skycom System One and other major players also participate in this market have a share less than 1% each. Cable & Wireless, Cable Onda Telecarrier are the market leaders.

According to Telecarrier senior executives, this new IDC have been designed to provide high levels of security in the hosting of systems, applications and mission-critical processes and to provide innovative technology solutions to national and regional companies in the banking sector , insurance, services, airlines, corporations and government entities.

The company claims that this new IDC was designed with the highest standards of construction, operation safety and ranking among the most technologically modern and best equipped in the region, thus helping customers achieve a greater efficiency, productivity, control , security and business continuity.

According to data provided by Telecarrier, the new IDC has 500 square meters of technical floor, which, added to the Telecarrier 1.400 IDC Clayton, can offer customers an availability of 1,900 square meters in total. With the latest technology to control temperature and cooling equipment, unique in the country, this new IDC offers world-class solutions such as virtualization, cloud computing, colocation (cabinets and suites), Metro Ethernet QoS, centralized operations, storage solutions, contingency and business continuity, network monitoring, support services, high quality internet solutions, IP telephony, security services and the Microsoft SPLA program.

During the opening ceremony, Nicolas Gonzalez Revilla, General Manager of the company, said that "Telecarrier 12/10 IDC is a source of pride and is an example of how the alignment of a clear vision, innovation and professionalism come together in a site plan for the development of world-class technology projects.

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